Finds Under 100 - august

ONE – Love the color of this sweater and is perfect for early fall or layering.

TWO – I have been looking for some white sneakers and debated on leather vs. not leather. I love the classic look of these vans and can be worn with anything.

THREE – MOM JEANS is a thing, and these high waisted ones are no exception. Right now, they are buy one get one half off – no brainer.

FOUR – I have found a few Hermes dupes but these sandals are by far the best looking ones and for under $25, and come in three colors.

FIVE – I have been getting more and more into midi dresses and love how this dress can be worn in all seasons, throw a sweater over it and some booties for fall weather.

SIX – This bag is perfect for work and has a really good structure. I always look for bags that can maintain shape to have a longer life – you will get more use out of it.

SEVEN – I can never pass up a white eyelet top, they are my weakness. This top has a unique lace pattern to it that I absolutely adore.

EIGHT – This product has changed my life. It makes blow drying so much easier and in turn, getting ready for the day a lot faster (which is the ultimate goal). I promise if you have frizzy, coarse or an un-tamable mane, you NEED to buy this.

NINE – I usually tend to stick to neutrals, but I love this sweater. The colors are subtle but enough for it to stand out, just a smidge.

Cheers to the weekend y’all, I hope you’re enjoying the last remaining bits of summer!

post sign off - updated


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