1. I flew on my first plane alone when I was nine years old, and it was an international flight. My mom is from Mexico so I have been traveling there since I was a little girl. I also grew up speaking and still speak Spanish to my family (I could use some lessons though)!
  2. I work on a construction site every day. It’s not glamorous, feminine, or pretty in the slightest. 99% of the time I come home with dirt on my clothes, and also wear a hard hat. I think that part of the reason I wanted to start blogging was because I needed something to allow me to be “girly”, if you will.
  3. I’m a huge tomboy (see #2). I grew up with a brother and was always tagging along with his friends. It’s made me very tough, but sometimes I can be a little too tough and am learning how to soften up a bit.
  4. I love the outdoors. Even though I get made fun of for taking pictures in nature holding up a peace sign or doing a yoga pose, it really feeds my soul. I will more likely want to take a trip that allows me to connect with nature as opposed to something where I have to stay inside or just lounge all day. Don’t get me wrong, I can lay on a beach too but in the woods or kayaking on a river is more my pace.
  5. I’ve been insanely blessed with some great friends. I moved from Houston to Dallas on a leap of faith about two years ago, and got to grow in ways I could not have done without the help of my friends. As you get older, you realize the importance of these friendships and I can say that God has dealt me a pretty good hand with the ones I have.
  6. I love to fly, and want to get my pilot’s license. My dad had a little plane and I grew up on a private runway, so plane and helicopter traffic was an average sunny Saturday. Any time I can hop on a plane and go somewhere, especially a new place, I’m so game. I also am my father’s daughter (see #3).
  7. I have an obsession with Whataburger, naturally being from Texas. I eat clean most of the time but it’s a burger that I have a hard time passing up if it gets mentioned.
  8. I’m a really big kid. Gymnastics, tree houses (or Truckyard), Marco Polo, the Lion King, go karts, hide and seek – you name it, I’ve probably done it recently. You can catch me staying in on a lazy Friday night watching Mulan…and I’m 27.
  9. I love music. I grew up listening to it all. Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Van Halen, The Stones, Eric Clapton. My dad played in my church band for 7 years so it has been a huge part of my life since I was young. Now, you can find me listening to those still but add a little Drake + Lil’ Wayne combo in there and my heart is pretty happy. I truly appreciate music and the people that are able to create it.
  10. One of my favorite things to do is to make people laugh. It makes me the happiest person in the world to be able to make someone laugh, to their core, especially if it’s a stranger. At the end of a day, if I made someone do that, I’d consider it a good one.


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