It has taken me quite some time to feel like I nailed my hair routine, but after failed product testing, impulsive cut decisions, and countless iron burns I finally feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it. Here are some of my tips for getting a set of luscious locks:

hair 4

Get it cut routinely. It’s normal to think if you wait to get it cut it will grow faster and longer, but that is often not the case and actually prohibits your hair from growing. Keeping it healthy, even if it is just a trim is recommended every 2-3 months. I go to Salon Pomeo in Dallas and I love it. They give amazing scalp massages and have a coffee bar (including wine) inside of it…you practically have to drag me out!

hair 2

Get a water softener or filter. There were so many times where I would get excited to shower and have clean hair (I can be slightly OCD) and I would blow dry it, only to find that it still felt wet and dirty. Well, although there are multiple reasons why this could happen, I learned a lot of it had to do with how soft your water is. I got this filter and have noticed a significant difference in my hair’s overall health.

Mix up your product routine. I like to try new products if I’m not completely sold on one, but recently purchased Kristin Ess’ shampoo + conditioner, finishing texture spray, dry shampoo, use this leave in conditioner and beach wave spray. Sometimes I don’t use them all but I’ve been happy with these so far.

hair 3

Learn what works best for your hair. A lot of my friends hair texture would allow them to curl their hair with a straightener and achieve a tousled, just left the beach wave. When I would try it, I looked like I used a square curling iron and had creases everywhere. Now, I will admit learning how to wand was not easy but after a few YouTube tutorials I have trained my hair a little on how I want to move. It takes time + patience, but keep at it and you’ll get there!


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