Nordstrom Half Yearly - MEN


One – These swim trunks are the best color for summer, perfect for any pool party.

Two – I love boots like these on guys. I think the color is versatile and can be worn year round, paired with a good pair of jeans + polo.

Three – This backpack is ideal for multiple situations – camping, traveling or carrying it for work. I actually might order it for myself!

Four – This polo can be worn with anything – from shorts to jeans, this color can be easily paired.

Five – This shoe. A uniquely shaped loafer that I am obsessed with and love the designer.

Six – These jeans are a good cut, tapered and fitted but not skinny.

Seven – This button down is great for anything America themed or just a casual dinner date.

Eight – I love this bag, the quality of the leather is great and is built to last.

Nine – These clubmasters look good on anyone, and the color of the lens makes it more of a bold choice.

nicolette - post sign off



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