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I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a foodie (to be honest, I’m the girl that is opening her yelp app up once someone mentions anything related to food). If I was going to eat out, might as well make sure it was worth it! Well, thanks to a strong case of genetics, I’ve had to alter my diet to primarily cut out dairy and gluten. This is awful because 1. I love bread. 2. I love Mexican food. and 3. I could eat a sandwich everyday if I had to. So, when making this list, I had to get creative (and even included some I love eating at but can only do it every so often!)

Healthy – Mudhen Meat and Greens

Greek – Little Greek Preston Hollow

Tex-Mex – Mr. Mesero

Thai – Thai Thai Restaurant

European – Mercat Bistro

Coffee – Royal Blue Grocery

Burgers – Burger House

American – R + D Kitchen

Juice – I Am The Juice Place

Light Fare – True Food Kitchen

I usually can find healthier options – having a burger with a lettuce bun, fajitas without the tortillas, etc. but Thai food is my weakness. Hope you like these options as well!

nicolette - post sign offAll Photos by Lonestar Targets

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